To contact Bailie, please email her agent, Moe Ferrara

Bailie Rosenlund; a graduate of Sheridan's Illustration program in Oakville, ON, Canada; is an award-winning illustrator located in Vancouver, Canada. 

Her work tends to revolve around women in folk an fairy tales, explored through a lens of gothic fantasy. Using her strong theatrical imagery, Bailie likes to play off the emotional response to a moment, to represent an image that audiences relate and respond to.

Bailie is currently working as a Comic Artist on an unannounced project. Previous clients include: Marvel, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Apple, Nickelodeon, Netflix.

 As well, she is currently illustrating the ongoing webcomic series, "Les Piggies", written and designed by friend and former classmate, Kari Lynch.

When Bailie isn't working on art, she can often be found reading by the ocean, gaming, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.

She is also interested in Book Cover illustration, Pencil/Inking for Comics, Character Design, Background/Layout Design, Previs, Storyboarding, Poster Art, and Advertising Illustration.

Acknowledgments/ Shows

Shortbox Comics Fair 2023

"Phantasy Arcade 3" an Arcade Cabinet themed show with Gallery Nucleus 2023

"On The Sheet" a Poster Artist community project 2023

"Disney Dream Destinations 4" a Gallery Nucleus show in partnership with Disney, celebrating Disney films in the style of travel posters 2022

"The Female Gaze" A poster project celebrating Women in Film 2021

"Playbills" a Gallery Nucleus show celebrating Broadway Posters, 2020

Women in Animation Vancouver Sect, "A Day in the Life of an Animation Art Director" Workshop, 2018

3x3 Illustration Annual Merit, 2018

Light Grey Art Lab Norway Residency, Team Sol, 2018

Folklore Exhibition at the Hamilton House, 2018

Stranger Things Charity Zine, 2018

3x3 Illustration Annual Honourable Mention,      2017

Brenda Clark Book Prize for Graphic Novel Cae&Ambs, 2016

3x3 Illustration Annual Student Silver Medal for GIF Illustration, 2016

3x3 Illustration Annual Student Merit for Cae&Ambs book illustration, 2016

3x3 Illustration Annual Honourable Mention for Illustration, 2016

3x3 Illustration Annual Honourable Mention for Illustration, 2016

Applied Arts Student Award for Illustration, 2016

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